Wednesday, March 10, 2010

October Offerings

Have you ever been to a "Collage Concert"? Billed as: "...featuring premier student ensembles and soloists from the MSU College of Music in a fast-paced musical extravaganza", it was just that at the Wharton Center on Oct 2. So many different styles of performance music...opera, jazz, choral, after the other without any time between pieces (until the intermission). I have seen this at East Lansing High School and it was great fun. At MSU the talent level is ratcheted up and every performance was top were seeing the cream of the crop every time! I strongly urge you to check this out next year...

Oct 9 Nicky and I attended the MSU Choral Society's fundraiser...a "Cabaret" at the Hannah Center in East Lansing. Being fans of choral music (and me having served on the MSU Choral Union board in the past) we were excited to see what was to come. The variety of performances were vast (as was the talent :) ) and we had a wonderful time. This is where I made contact with the acapella group "RCAHpella" (somewhat-awkwardly named for the "Residential College of Arts and Humanities" at MSU"). They were good and I knew the director....and thought, "They would be a great addition to The Coffeehouse at All Saints. (They did come at a later date). The Choral Society raises funds for choral conducting graduate students at MSU and I think the program produced enough funds for several students. Great job. Great fun.

The 16th brought another edition of The Coffeehouse at All Saints, a couple hours of live music, and spoken word in an informal, laid-back environment complemented by snacks and drinks provided by those who come. We have it the 3rd Friday of the month from 7:30-9:30p at All Saints Episcopal Church, 800 Abbot Rd, East Lansing, Michigan, USA.

Though not music, I want to give a shout out to our friend, Jenifer Banks, a retired MSU English professor who gave the "pre-glow" talk for the Oct 18 David Sedaris presentation at the Wharton Center. Jenny did a fine job, describing David's body of work in an enlightening, sometimes amusing way. Of course David Sedaris was wonderful...he has such a funny way of looking at relationships and the world. Kudos to him for choosing an MSU student to come out and introduce him (the highlight for her, so far, I'm sure!).

Nicky and I were fortunate to gather up our daughter Heather and fly to NYC to visit her twin, Emily the next weekend. Of course we took in a show, and chose, "Billy Elliot, the Musical" at The Imperial theatre. We all enjoyed the movie version and were looking forward to how this would be presented on stage. Well, "Billy" was wonderful (we saw him perform on the tony Awards show earlier)...but so was his "Mother". I'm pretty sure this show will travel to East Lansing in 2011...don't miss it!

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