Monday, February 15, 2010

Some Things in September

Our first foray into live music in September was on the 12th at the Gone Wired Cafe on Michigan Ave in Lansing to see, "Everlovingmind", the creation of our good friend, Matt Bliton. This was a 4 (of the 5) piece band playing a variety of tunes in anticipation of their Lansing "Blues fest" debut later in the month. An intimate audience turned out to see a well-rehearsed, fun band play songs they know and love. Intermixed with some great "regulars" like Van Morrison's, "Tupelo Honey" were some of Matt's own songs. Everlovingmind
think the audience thoroughly enjoyed the show and were certainly enthusiastic for the group. Nicky and I could not attend Bluesfest this year but heard they did a great job there. Congrats Matt, it was a very good time.

Sept 21st marked the release of the latest Porcupine Tree album, "The Incident". More of a "concept album" than in the past it nevertheless contains all the bits of PT we have come to know and love, e.g. dark passages followed by lyrical interludes and beautiful melodies. As with the previous album, "Deadwing", it took me a few listens to really enjoy it, but enjoy it I have. If you've never heard Porcupine Tree before, try their 2005 release, "In Absentia", prog rock album of the year.

Sept 24 brought Willie Nelson and Family to the Wharton Center. I'll say this, he's 76 years old...and he and his band played (and I counted) 12 break or song intro. Wow. He has a style you can love (or hate or anywhere in between) as when he leans into the mic with sincerity or not love...the way he consistently sings out of time (stilted...on purpose). I loved him, so did Nicky and the crowd was enthusiastic to say the least. I've seen Willie 3 times and this was the best.

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Jason said...

I was front row and center for this show at the warton. Like the post said this 75 year old jammed fro sevaral songs without a break!!
Combined with the poening act of Billy Joe Shaver, who along with Willie is a TRUE living legend of all music, not just country. This show was THE best show I have ever seen.