Wednesday, May 14, 2008

All Saints Coffeehouse Friday May 16 7:30pm

So, what's all this about a "coffeehouse"? Well, it started in July of 2006 where a group of us were wondering if we could create an opportunity for folks to participate in a musical offering in a casual setting on a regular basis. All Saints Episcopal Church has been the most gracious host and allowed us to have a once/month event whereby local musicians come and perform. It has grown and expanding since it's beginning.

A common night at the coffeehouse is a combination of music performed (guitar, fiddle, piano, voice, hammered dulcimer, double bass, trumpet, and more), music shared (we always have several "sing along" songs that everyone joins in on...we provide the lyrics) and now includes poetry readings, short stories, skits, and other performances. It is multi-generational. We have children doing solos on clarinets and duets from "Wicked".

The atmosphere is tablecloth-covered tables with lit hurricane lamps. People bring their own beverages and snacks/desserts and all is shared. It is a "drop-in" event...meaning folks come for some part or all of the night...there is no requirement to stay. A very casual, relaxing evening.

This Friday there will be a short play read, music from some of your favorite 70s artists (no, not disco....that's for another blog session) and another installment from Deidre Barker's upcoming book. We alos we be attempting an international performance via video! That's 7:30 to 9:30pm this Friday, May 16 at All saints Episcopal Church, 800 Abbot Rd., East Lansing, Michigan.

So, please come if you are able...if you want to perform, please give me a heads up at

The coffeehouse will take a break in June and Juky and resume on a Saturday (this time only) in August (the 23rd) at the farm of Gail Shafer-Crane and Dan Crane. This will be an expanded version of the coffeehouse to include a full potluck meal, hayrides for the children, the tour of the Cranes' antique car collection and a campfire where we'll do the songs. What a blast. More to come.

See you Friday!


laviedemilie said...

Hey Pops,
It's too bad that there will be a coffeehouse hiatus in June and July! Oh well - that makes the international web cam (a la U2 and the Wayne's World MTV Video Awards performance, eh?) even cooler! Can't wait to hear/see you all! I will be crashing on the couch of Amy or Emily and I'll be grinning from ear to ear!

laviedemilie said...

I hope the rest of the coffeehouse went well... I'm sure it did! It was great to get 'beamed' into my church family again! You and Lisa sounded great and I only wish I could have stayed up for the rest of it!!
lots of love,