Monday, January 2, 2012

August in the Basement

Steve w/ The Basement Boys

Introduced at the March 2011 Coffeehouse at All Saints, The Basement Boys are a quartet of local musicians who play folk/country/Americana songs in an easy, laid-back style. They were playing at a house party in August at common friends, Vic Rauch and Ellen DeRosia.  Vic and Ellen were the ones who brought The Basement Boys to us.  I was fortunate to sit in with them at the request of band leader, Mark Manrique.  Those of you who have been to house parties where the music was live can appreciate the fun nature of the event. Everyone os loose and easy-going and it makes the music flow that much better I think!  We had a lot of fun...managed a John Prine tune or two and many others.  I have since practiced and played several times with the Basement Boys, a fun group of fine musicians.  Thanks Vic and Ellen!

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