Thursday, July 10, 2008

You Gotta Try This

Last week I received a very cool e-mail from my eldest describing a website where the author "chose" an album for every year of his (her) life. I thought, "What can this mean?" So I went to said website (and you can too!

and got caught up in what he chose, why he chose it, had I heard of it (and if not, yet another way to find new music by researching the origins of the choices) and found it was (albeit time-consuming) great fun. I am not quite ready to develop my list, but Lisa, who originally brought the idea to me, has. It's eclectic and I have to say, that, in itself, makes me proud. Enjoy. Check out the website, develop your own and e-mail them to me....I'll publish them. Thanks Lisa!
83 She's So Unusual -- Cyndi Lauper
84 Born to Run -- Bruce Springsteen
85 Tim -- The Replacements
86 Graceland -- Paul Simon
87 Appetite for Destruction -- Guns n Roses
88 Surfer Rosa -- Pixies
89 Disintegration -- The Cure
90 Violator -- Depeche Mode
91 Loveless -- My Bloody Valentine
92 Come On Come On -- Mary-Chapin Carpenter
93 Exile in Guyville -- Liz Phair
94 Grace -- Jeff Buckley
95 Wrecking Ball -- Emmylou Harris
96 Pinkerton -- Weezer
97 Portishead -- Portishead
98 Mezzanine -- Massive Attack
99 Summerteeth -- Wilco
00 And Nothing Turned Itself Inside Out -- Yo La Tengo
01 The Blueprint -- Jay-Z
02 The Execution of All Things -- Rilo Kiley
03 Electric Version -- New Pornographers
04 Impossible Dream -- Patty Griffin
05 The Woods -- Sleater-Kinney
06 Boys and Girls in America -- The Hold Steady
07 Armchair Apocrypha -- Andrew Bird
08 Evil Urges -- My Morning Jacket


Lisa said...

Aw hey, you gotta tell me when you put my stuff up here so I can crow about it.

I'm proud of the list. And who knows what it'd be if I made it next week? Get started on yours; I can't wait to see what it'll have!


Lisa said...

Okay, '02 is now officially Blazing Arrow by Blackalicious.

Dad, your list. MAKE IT.